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Main Stream Media Criticizes Conservative Terror Legislation

February 1, 2015 |

main stream media biasAs predictable as the sun coming up each morning, you could count on the MSM criticizing the Conservative Government’s latest Terrorism Legislation.

The claims of it only being done because of an election year, are also as predictable.  I guess they don’t recall what happened in Ottawa last October or what is happening overseas.

The usual suspects claim that “Harper” (ever notice how they never call him Prime Minister Harper?), but I digress, they claim that P.M. Harper is using this opportunity to infringe on more of our civil liberties.

Mulcair and Trudeau also puff out their chests and ring the alarm bells.  Of course, their responses are never about election year posturing, only Conservatives are guilty of that. Liberals and NDPers are always the good guys and Conservatives the evil ones.

My favorite entry line has to come from the Comrag Star –

The man who fled to a closet while Parliament Hill was under attack is bounding back from humiliation with an anti-terror bill and CF-18s in hand.01

Yeah, and I’m sure Justin came out wearing his armor plated toque, swinging his moose sculpture.

Such a fun time to be a Canadian.


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  1. gardengirl13 says:

    the question you have to ask is who do you trust to keep us safe and treat this threat as what it is, not what they are painting it to be. you dont reason with people who cut off peoples heads just because they consider them infidels and consider it some kind of holy crusade. they dont want to be reasoned with, they want to rule the world and we have to stop them. Trudeau would be doing dick all about this. root causes – he would be stuck on this concept for a year while more heads were lopped off. and somehow blame Harper for what he had done intervening. lets just hope that loser is never at 24 Sussex.