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The NDP Daycare Plan

February 6, 2015 |

nothing is freeThe NDP is proposing a National Daycare Plan.  No parent will pay more than 15 bucks per day for daycare, for each child, says Mulcair.  That is, if he forms the government.

My question for all the folks at the NDP, how pray-tell do you pay for this?  It is all fine to suggest that you are helping the middle class.  But make no mistake, in order to pay for this, you have to take from the middle class to give it back to them.

They would have to raise taxes in order to “help you”.  News flash – NOTHING is free.

When governments propose to help you, it usually means it’s going to cost you either in immediate claw backs or down the road in the form of debt.  What people can do in the private sector, always costs more to replicate in the publicly funded government sector.  More government workers is the last thing we need.

If government really wants to help the middle class, it should get the heck out of the way.   Cut taxes, make more items available for tax write offs for families and individuals.

Ask yourself, what would you do if you suddenly had 3 or 4 grand per year in your pocket?  Would you spend it?  Most people would say yes.  That is basic economics.  People spend, that spurs the economy.

Compare that to giving government that 3 or 4 grand.  Do you think the economy would get the same bang for the buck?  Not on your life.  Government by design is never meant to be efficient.

The NDP’s plan would be like most other government plans of this nature.  They are top loaded with far too much criteria for ineligibility, far too many rules, far too much administration cost.  It’s pretty optics.  Bottom line – these things never work out as planned – except to spend too much tax payer money.

Instead of bloated government bureaucracy, how about keeping it simple – The only “Plan” any government or government in waiting should be investing in, is living within its means and putting substantial tax savings back into the pockets of all Canadians.  That means substantial tax cuts for all Canadians.  That also means that governments wouldn’t be allowed to play bait and switch politics, bribe voters with their own money and would instead be required to stop wasting our money on programs that are inefficient and ultimately ineffective.

The NDP needs to stop trying to play Robinhood.


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