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NDP’s Ontario – Yours to Plunder

March 29, 2014 |

horwathWith the latest revelations into the Gas Plant Scandal by the Ontario Provincial Police, there are renewed calls for the NDP to “do the right thing”.   The right thing for the province that is, not for Andrea and her NDP Party.

As it stands now,  the NDP and Andrea Horwath would rather hold on to the little bit of power that she has, than let the Ontario electorate exercise their rightful power in an election.  In the mean time, more taxpayer money is systematically being plundered at the hands of a corrupt Liberal Government who are  trying to buy their way back into the good books of the voting public.  St Albert’s Cheese, anyone?

Why would Andrea not do the right thing for the province? One reason and one reason only – because she knows that the polls show she cannot win an election for the NDP outright.  Effectively that leaves Ontario being held hostage by a party whose popular vote and support is less than 20% of the decided voters.  It’s insane that this kind of situation can hold this entire province as prisoners.  As it stands now and let’s not candy-coat this –  Andrea Horwath is putting her political party’s self interest and her ego ahead of the good of the province.   She will only budge off of that position if she is shamed into pulling the pin on the Liberals.

As we have also seen in our system, a 3rd place party can extort concessions for ideals that the majority (in this case 80%) of the electorate would neither vote for nor want, if given the chance. It’s time to change our system so that in a minority situation, all officially elected parties would be required to approve any concession made by applying clear “all party” rules that reflect the entire electorate in the province. In the case of the house sitting this session, the Liberals would have to provide 24 yes votes, the NDP 10 yes votes and PCs 20 yes votes in order to reflect at least half the voters and their status of their electoral wins within their seat allotment.  This kind of change would eradicate the do nothing concessions and feel good headline getting power plays as was the case of the  phantom 15% reduction in car insurance.

As a province, we deserve better.   Ontario and its beleaguered taxpayers are effectively being flushed down the rabbit hole by a wannabe queen in 3rd place and a completely corrupt minority Liberal government with far too many marauders in their caucus.


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