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An open letter to conservative politicians

November 11, 2013 |

an open letterIn the wake of the Rob Ford circus, it should serve as a reminder that the media is going to hunt you.  You as a conservative, have a large target on your back.  One that you should know is going to be repeatedly pounded by those in the left wing media.

You should know that unlike politicians on the left, your faux pas, your verbal slips and your entire life will be put under a microscope.  You will be stalked and dogged by the media waiting for the moment you make a mistake.  Any mistake.  Your entire past and present will be scrutinized.  They will dissect every last aspect of your being, expecting to turn over anything they can use to discredit you, your policies and your ideas.  They will watch you, compiling a running tab, in order to pounce to shame you. Do not help their cause.

Nothing you do will be as important to them as your mistakes.  Nothing will be more news worthy than your slip ups.   What you stand for isn’t as important as the media wanting to show you as a hypocrite and wanting to use the light with which they shine upon you, to disgrace you.  Your personal life will be the lens and filter with which the media will portray you and use to mock the beliefs all conservatives.

They will choose to report stories that coincide with their prejudice against conservatives.  Do not give them ammunition.

It may be unfair, but tough; it is the job you are applying for.  It may be unreasonable to expect anyone’s life to be micro-dissected but again, too bad, it is the standard with which you will be held.  If you can’t stand that heat, and your life cannot withstand that level of scrutiny, I implore you, please do all conservatives a favor and please stay out of politics.   As a conservative, your life, your values, how you conduct yourself, should be above reproach.  Do not give the media pack dogs any reason to hold you and our conservative values in distain.

Again, it may be unfair, but tough.  As we have seen, all the good you may do, all the good you may be able to accomplish, all that you aspire to do to better the society around you, will simply be wiped away if you give them a chance to rebuke you.  Any accomplishments will simply be footnotes to the media of the left.   They much rather hold you up as a poster child of hypocrisy, the evil monster they propagate as conservatism.  Do not give them that chance.  You will be held to a higher standard.  Get used to it.  If you cannot withstand that scrutiny, clean up your life before you enter the public arena.  Do not give the left wing media easy grenades to lob at our values.


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