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Your Pension According to Justin

January 25, 2015 |

justin wants your pension fundJustin and his gaggle are eyeing your pension money as their personal spending slush fund.  And make no mistake, once it is taken and spent, it will never been seen again.

Like his father who managed to hurl the debt of this country into the stratosphere by spending like a billionaire prince on a weekend pass at Vegas, – Trudeau 2.0 wants to finish the job and basically spend ever last dime this country has managed to save, toil and accumulate since confederation.  Once that is gone, the financial and political stability is gone with it.

It goes without saying, that like his father, Justin will treat the bursary as a limitless socialist piggy bank. Liberals have never met a tax dollar they didn’t want to spend.   It also goes without saying that Liberals believe that any money that makes its’ way to the Canadian treasury is there for Liberals to spend at will.

If this trust fund man-child manages to get himself elected, make no mistake – your pension, every last dollar that was paid to the government IS at risk of being poached.   That alone is enough of a reason to never let this guy be Prime Minister.

History has shown that Pierre Trudeau catapulted the Canadian debt.  He inherited a debt of 18 Billion from Pearson and by the time he was done the debt was over 157 Billion.  Sure, Joe Clark was there for 9 months and had to spend like a pink Tory in order to hold on to his 9 months worth of power, that said, Trudeau 1.0, arrogantly took the finances of this country into the a hole that has taken us well over 30 years to dig out of.

Successive governments, including that of Jean Chretien, has taken 30 years to fix the mess of Trudeau-mania.   The prosperity of this country cannot withstand another financial calamity driven by anyone named Trudeau.


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