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Phil Robertson and Freedom of Speech

December 19, 2013 |

philrobertsonI wasn’t sure if I wanted to comment on this controversy, but after sitting on it for 24 hours I still find myself angered that everything must be placed through a politically correct filter.

I am not your cookie cutter conservative and I don’t fall into the religious section of the conservative philosophy, so let me put this plainly – I am agnostic, and believe that the gay community should have the same rights and responsibilities as the rest of us.  Above all though, I also believe in free speech.

That means that sometimes people are going to be offended.  That means that everything somebody thinks and says may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Sometimes people make off the cuff statements, sometimes very rough and unpolished commentary.  Free speech does not (nor should it) have a caveat that one must clean up, spit polish and watch their every word they say, just in case someone might be upset by it.

Duck Dynasty is just a fun show.  It is about a family that makes no bones about their Christian values.  Phil Robertson and his gang are a rough around the edges family with a cast of characters, all with their own redneck quirks.  I find it rather funny that anyone would expect their comments to be anything but rough around the edges.

As an agnostic, I am not bothered, threatened nor offended by their Christian beliefs.  The fact that this family has been through the ups and downs of life and can all come together is not only sweet, but endearing.  Considering that most other reality TV shows spotlight narcissistic liars, over indulgent spoiled rich kids or sleazy competitors, I must say, given my druthers I would rather watch a show that doesn’t necessarily hold my religious point of view than watch back stabbing rich wives with bad hair weaves and over expensive ugly manicures.

As someone who really does not care if your partner is the same sex or opposite sex, I also hold some opinions about some of the gay lobby that might raise some eyebrows.  That’s my right, as it is for the likes of Phil Robertson.  It behooves all of us not to be pressured into being a drone, and just because one holds a basic philosophy, we should refuse to be forced to swallow down a politically correct, must not ever offend anyone type of mentality.  As such, I also refuse to fall in line and require everything that is said to be polished and tossed through a politically correct spin machine before it is expressed.

Phil Robertson said what he said, he said it the way he said it, and it’s what he thinks.  Big flippin’ deal.  If you’re offended, get a life.  There are far larger issues in the world that should be holding our contempt, than some old fella who claims that he’s bewildered why not all men like female genitalia.   Not all men like to shoot ducks either.  So what.

We should be applauding the guy for being honest.  Considering how many politicians and other spinmasters lie to us at every turn, it should be refreshing for someone to just say things as they see it.  Take it as it is, take it or leave it.  His honesty however unpolished is refreshing, offensive or otherwise.

I guess I’m not the only one who supports Phil Robertson’s right to free thinking and free speech, at time of posting, these protest Face Book Pages:  Boycott A&E page  and Bring Back Phil Robertson FB Page both have well over 500k of likes, the petition is 60k.

I certainly doubt A&E saw this backlash coming.  Looks good on them.   Count me in “bring back Phil” column.


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  1. Jen says:

    People who love people of the same sex are not abominations. I’m not sure if this is a discussion of same-sex relationships, bible-beliefs or if celebrities are the ones who speak the gospel. All I know is this : My gay friend cannot help that she is, as much as I cannot help that I am short. Just because someone thinks I am unworthy because i am short, does not make me so. Just because some religion decided she is a worthless person, does not make her so. This is more a debate over freedom of speech. A&E retracting his contract is ridiculous on so many levels. Fine, his beliefs may hurt my friend, but ya know what? She’s a firecracker, and she knows that everyone has their own opinion. It’s not going to stop her from being gay or cause her to hide her ‘gayness’. This is one man, who has every right in the world to answer a question he was asked. He answered it honestly. Do we now hang him for it? I bet you a million bucks that my gay friends says that we don’t.

    I have read many blogs in regards to Phil being canned and they all make very valid points. Some are quick to gasp and call him a hate monger…meanwhile, we are all watching mentally disturbed drug-users, hoarders, abusers on that very same network, but we won’t admit we get a kick out of that right? Who’s the hypocrite?

  2. What is particularly interesting where A and E is concerned, is they still ran the DD marathons on their channel over the last few days. For me, the whole broohaha is about free speech. I may not like what someone says, but I will defend their right to say it.

  3. Stan Ubeki says:

    Not sure why nobody gets this simple point. You can say anything you want, but no one is obliged to broadcast it. I call for them to publish the “morality clause” in the contract they all agreed to.