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Liberal Dwight Duncan wants us to move on…

October 24, 2013 |


Oh, he does, does he?  How convenient.  Of course he would want us to forget about the endless billion dollar sink holes that McGuinty and his band of  marauders inflicted on the Ontario tax payer.

Yes Dwight, I’m sure you’d like us to forget:

  • That the auditor general released a report earlier this month saying the cost of cancelling the gas plants is between $950 million and $1.1 billion.  All this just to save the asses of a few of your political buddies.
  • The same auditors report clearly said that the Liberals paid money to the contractors that they did NOT have to pay.
  • Deb Mathews handing out 2 million in salary bonuses for ORNGE employees after promising to cancel them.
  • The liberals handed over 730 million dollars to ORNGE with virtually no oversight, which then allowed for a kickback scheme, exorbitant salaries, badly designed medical interiors in brand-new helicopters and what one politician called “heavy-duty nepotism”
  • That E-Health has spent well over yet another BILLION dollars to computerize the Ontario health system, and guess what, it is not even close to completion.
  • Same gang of incompetents then delisted basic medical care for those groups who tend to be the least able to rally for their rights.  Just ask those parents of autistic children.
  • Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government decision to not enforce about $200 million dollars in penalties due to the Crown pertaining to the Metrolinx debacle.
  • Dalton’s main man George Smitherman flew over to Korea and handed out a sole sourced a sweetheart deal to Korea’s  Conglomerate of Samsung.  This unprecedented and secret deal was an untendered contract for $7 billion to develop Green Energy Technology. The friends of the Liberals get rich while ensuring the rate payers of Ontario will be on the hook for escalating hydro rates and sending Manufacturers rushing out of Ontario before they are put into bankruptcy.

This list could go on and on.  Dalton and Wynne’s band of marauders has put Ontario on the brink of financial collapse.  Yes Dwight, my boy, I bet you Liberals would much prefer we forget it all!



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