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Put your grocery cart away!

October 16, 2013 |
shopping cart

shopping cart

With all the bad things going on in the world, one might say don’t sweat the little things. Alright, for the most part I agree. That said, I just bought a new car. I’ve done my part to get the economy on the upswing. With that, I’m painfully aware of what a new vehicle can cost and I’d REALLY like to keep the thing looking shiny and new for more than a month.

In any parking lot, I try to park it away from crappy cars with duct tape holding up the bumper. I also park away from minivans that look like they have seen better days. I do my part to keep my car in good shape.

Now if we could only reach those morons who are too damn lazy to put their grocery carts away! Yes, I do first point at the stores and shopping malls who don’t put holding areas close to the handicap and priority parking spots. Those folks have enough to deal with without having to try to push a cart half way down the parking lot. For the life of me, do these parking lot designing weenies not realize that those folks have a problem with mobility? They NEED a cart holding area close to where they park.

And while I’m at it with would be nice if the parking lot design weenies would stop designing parking spots that are made for teeny-tiny mini-cars. Most of us do NOT drive those things. Most of us, would like to keep the paint on the side of our vehicles!

Now to the rest. Quit being so damn lazy and inconsiderate. The rest of the world does NOT revolve around you, nor do you have the right to inflict paint chips and dents on my car, just because you want to save yourself a precious 30 seconds of extra shopping chores.  Put your grocery cart away!



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