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Quebec Tossed Marois Out On Her Ass

April 8, 2014 |

pqdefeatIn a twist that I’m sure Madame Marois did not see coming, Quebec tossed the PQs and her racist minions out on their collective asses.

The provincial election saw a turnout of over 70% participation and elected the provincial Liberals with 70 seats.  Marois also did not hold on to her own seat, which will amusingly create lots of drama for the PQs in the next few weeks and months.

While there was perhaps a collective sigh of relief last night, I’m not as optimistic that this will be long lived.  Not so long ago, the previous corrupt band of Liberal bribe takers and other affiliated looters had been caught with many hands in many cookie jars and caught transferring many envelopes of cash in folded newspapers.  In order for Quebec to really benefit from this change of course, Quebec’s economy will have to be stealth strong and the corruption in the province will also have to be eradicated.

Make no mistake, the corruption problem should and will remain in the front of the minds of Quebecers.    This fact gives Philippe Couillard and his newly elected Liberals a very thin tightrope of which to walk upon.  The rest of Canada and Quebecers are quite aware of the chronic corruption and organized crime connections that lay in wait in Quebec, hoping to regain their stranglehold on the construction industry and other areas of the province.  Because past Liberals have been accused of being associated with various goons, this new band of Liberals will be under a large microscope.  This newly branded Liberal Party of Quebec have to be more than “pure wool”, they have to be as pure as the driven snow.  If not, the malcontents and separatists will come back with a vengeance.

So while some may claim that this is the end of the separatist movement, I am again not so optimistic.  All that it will take to put it back on the up-swing, is for never-ending corruption to rear its head and form ties to this new gang of Liberals.

We’ll be watching and after the smile of the moment leave our faces as we watched Marois get her just desserts, we’ll again realize that Quebec separatism is always hiding not so peacefully behind the curtain.


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