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Shove your White Poppy

November 6, 2013 |

poppy lest we forgetA group of University students are embracing a left-leaning group called the Rideau Institute and their protest of the red poppy.  In a twisted and misguided sense of self-satisfaction, they are urging people to cast out the red poppy in exchange for a white poppy.  Their reasoning, the white one stands for peace, the red one glorifies war.

Sadly, this miscreant group of over indulged university gadflies are planning to join the Remembrance Day ceremony on November 11.  They think it should be within their right to urge people to exchange their poppy for a white one, at that ceremony.  They also believe it is perfectly ok to be disrespectful to Canadian Veterans and our war dead, as a consequence.

Beyond the arrogance of this bunch and their sense of prerogative, is it is also disheartening that they possess a total lack of understanding of what Remembrance Day stands for and the very emotional meaning to those Canadian Veterans who participate in the ceremony.  Their claim is that they do not want to glorify war.  There is an odd sense of irony that the very people they do not care “if” they offend are the very people who made it possible for them to have the freedom to express a different point of view, in the first place.  The fact that they’re prepared to be confrontational in that expression is point positive that they simply have no clue how un-peaceful their actions actually are.

There is a saying: Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.  I wonder what fate lies for a generation of those who possess a total ignorance of the past, not to mention the lack of respect for it.


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