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Teachers Should Not Be Allowed to Use Kids for Political Reasons

January 30, 2015 |

teachers using classrooms for political reasonsThere are few things that can catch my ire faster than this nonsense. I absolutely hate, hate, hate, when teachers use their students for political reasons.

Of course Liberal sheep will eat this stuff up with a spoon, but the reality is that children do not come up with this stuff without a lot of coaching and nudging and outright prompting.

I roll my eyes every time some media outlet rolls out some story like this.   There is nothing real about some 8 year old, who has been told what to say – word for word.

News flash – the kids are parroting their parent’s (or some other adult’s) words.  What would be a better news story, is if the adults managed to get the family dog to say it.  THAT is a story worth telling.

Even though there are certain federal laws that are supposed to prevent unions from sticking their nose into federal elections, it doesn’t appear that they’re going to pay them much heed.

After their provincial counterparts got away with it in Ontario, with adverts and outright shill groups to vilify the Conservatives – we are sure to be treated with the federal version of the same thing.

Frankly, any teacher who pulls this kind of partisan nonsense should be outright fired.  Any union who supports it should be sued into financial oblivion.

I find myself humming a Pink Floyd song a lot lately…

Hey teacher leave them kids alone…


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  1. Cathy Bows says:

    100% agree!