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The Senate Scandal Spectacle

April 9, 2015 |

senate scandal spectacleAnd the media of dancing dogs continues…

I have many questions about the Duffy trial.  The first one really is, why are we even having a trial?

After the very basic testimony from Mark Audcent, who by his own admission said it wasn’t up to him to be the senate “police man”, – Mr. Audcent added that in his view, it was up to the government to determine that a senator was qualified to represent his or her province in the Senate.

I think it’s also fair to say that this residency issue and how its use was played fast and loose, isn’t something “new”.  I would love to see the documents for every Senator since say, the 1960s.  I would venture to say that, considering there are 40 other Senators who have questionable expense items in their file, Duffy’s so called crimes were well established and accepted as practice.

The court also heard that there are no actual set rules regarding residency.

Donald Bayne, the lawyer representing Duffy, asked Audcent about whether definitions of primary or secondary residences could be found in the Senate administrative rules. 

“I looked hard but I could not find a definition of primary or secondary residence. Is there one?” Bayne asked.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Audcent said.

Further Audcent said: He agreed with Bayne that primary and secondary residence for senators have never been defined, and there were no minimum number of days to spend in a senator’s home province.

Another earth shattering revelation is that Duffy paid 300 dollars to a makeup artist.  Shock and horror.  This too apparently is subject of a fraud charge.  It should be noted that Mr. Bayne pointed out that the woman worked on Mr. Duffy ahead of a G8 meeting, but also did make-up for the Prime Minister that day.

Honestly, I have to say this.  If this was a jury trial and I was sitting on that jury, I would have had a hard time from not laughing out loud.  A whole 300 bucks.  Knock me over.

I mean, come on.  Mr. Duffy isn’t exactly George Clooney.  Now before I get hate mail, understand that I actually quite like Mr. Duffy.  I have met him on a number of occasions and found him to be quite engaging and very pleasant.  The fact still remains that Mr Duffy looks more like Peter Griffin than George Clooney.  The fact that he paid a make-up artist isn’t luxury and excessive.  It’s in all likelihood, necessity.

But this 300 bucks is part of the trial. Oh my.

I wonder how much the make-up artists that follow the video crew from the CBC are being paid. I bet it’s more than 300 bucks.

Day 2 over.


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  1. Robert D. says:

    A real fiberal circus to try to convince the sheeples of this country that the Conservatives are the reincarnation of hell on earth and that the fiberals are the angels among angels. Major plot to try to win the next election by brainwashing the masses who like usual are clueless about what’s going on around them, read the main headlines and base those decisions on main headlines. The rest of their information comes from hollywood. When mac harb goes on trial later this summer, the only thing you will hear from the fiberal lame stream media will be crickets !!!

  2. Lydia says:

    I agree Robert. The Main Stream Media has so many shovels in the game, that they should all be required to wear dunce caps that say: I’m a HOPELESS Liberal. I bet if you asked most people, they would not know that Harb is going to trial, let alone when. But Duffy and Harper apparently grow horns and eat babies at midnight, according to the sheeple.