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Time To End Dual Citizenship

February 14, 2015 |

end dual citizenshipWell isn’t that nice.  Mohamed Fahmy is blaming Prime Minister Harper for not doing enough to get his ass out of an Egyptian prison.

Never mind that the guy hasn’t lived in Canada for the last 12 years.  Never mind that the guy was working for overseas interests and American companies for the last 12 years.  Never mind that in fact Fahmy was born in Egypt.  Now after a long absence from Canada, he wants Canada to do his bidding for him.  And of course the complaint of the disgrunted is always the same – we are not doing enough.

I say no.  I say it’s time for all of these Canadians of convenience be shut down and their citizenship revoked.

I realize that this opinion is not going to be popular in some circles, but frankly and increasingly, Canadians are tired of being taken for suckers and being the do-drop-in-hotel of convenience.

We have enough of our own home grown, home born trouble makers, to bail out.  We shouldn’t be required to bail out those who hold no connection to this country other than a piece of paper.  A piece of paper incidentally, that is becoming all too often used when people who hold no real connection here, need a freebie of one form or other at taxpayer’s expense.

If anyone not born here manages to get a Canadian citizenship, only to move back to their country of birth, their Canadian citizenship should be dissolved. If such a person also is absent from this country for more than 3 years, again their citizenship should be dissolved.  Globe trotters should require special considerations to hold on to an acquired citizenship.  They should be required to hold property here AND have direct family living in the country – eg: with wife and children.  After a 3 year absence, they should be required to live here for 2 years more before being applicable for an additional 3 year living abroad allowance.  If those criteria are not met, then as Canadians, we should no longer consider them Canadians and promptly dissolve their citizenship.

Of course the left will raise the red herring of certain professions being away from Canada for extended periods of time.  The rules for military, diplomats and other foreign affairs postings can all be written in the rules to make the appropriate accommodations.

We have seen what happened back in 2006 when thousands of Lebanese-slash-Canadians demanded that the Canadian government bail them out and provide passage to Canada.  Some of the biggest complainers were people and families who had not lived in Canada, nor paid taxes to this country for almost 20 years.  That is the kind of insanity that needs to end.

And while we’re at it lets fix some of the other broken parts of the system.  Bill C-37 of the Citizenship Act does not go far enough to fix problems of our failing system. Anyone whose parents are not Canadian citizens at the time of their birth, should NOT automatically become Canadian citizens.  That’ means born both abroad and while on “medical vacation” here from other countries.  We live in a tremendously changed world.  Gone are the days where passage to this country took weeks by ship.  Just because their pregnant mother manages to hop a flight from Hong Kong, Tunisia, Malaysia or any other country should not afford the child an automatic Canadian citizenship.

Our present rules are continuously being used against us and to our peril.  Anchor babies from other countries is a well-known commodity and it too needs to end.

Dual citizenship cheapens our natural born citizenship and it casts a sense of doubt to those who choose to join our Canadian family.  If you want to be here, be here.  You shouldn’t be allowed to keep a toe in two ponds.

If the Conservative Party of Canada managed to win the next election, I urge it to start acting like a fiscally conservative party and put an end to the rest of the irresponsible holes in our immigration system.  Let the left and the immigration industry scream and holler, they’re going to do it anyway.

May as well fix the problem and give them something material to complain about it.



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  1. Emmy Agius says:

    The problem is not dual citizenship. The problem is an expectations by citizens who go to live in countries which are unstable or in a state of war and then expect the government to come to their rescue when things turn sour. The Lebanon example is a case in point. These were people with Canadian passports who were living permanently in Lebanon and using their Canadian passport as a “Get out of jail” document. Many dual citizens don’t act that way and shouldn’t be penalized because of abusers. Penalize the abusers not law abiding citizens.