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Time To Overhaul the CRTC

February 13, 2015 |

RIP sun news networkLate last night the news broke that Sun News Network was going off the air.

Of course the comments online, went nuts. Some applauded with glee that a contrary voice was being silenced.  Sadly those types really have no idea what they are applauding for.  Sad.

I won’t re-write the wheel, I think Warren Kinsella’s blog says it best.  The spanking he applied to the “a-holes” says what needs to be said to them.

200 people have lost their jobs. 200 people who believed in what they are doing, what they were saying,… have been sent out into the cold.

The blame for SNN’s demise was not because of the content it was producing.  Its demise was not because it sat on the political right.  Its demise was because it was not let to play equally on the field that the CRTC regulates.

Unelected elites at the CRTC allowed the pins put into the Sun voodoo doll, over and over and over.  There are plenty of so called “conservatives” at the CRTC that deserve a hard slap on the back of the head.  THEY,… they who are supposed to be on the side of open and transparent media refused to allow Sun News Network to play on even playing field.  That is what SNN was asking for.

The hard working reporters, the hard working journalists at SNN will rise again.  They have talent, they have a wish to report the truth and allow discussion about how our democracy needs to be watched and watch closely.

Some voices for real democracy were silenced this morning.  Hopefully not for too long.


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