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It’s Time To Rethink Foreign Aid

January 26, 2015 |

take care of canadians firstThe whole concept of Foreign Aid is an expenditure that admittedly, just makes me crazy.  The CBC has Paul Dewar foaming and prancing that we in Canada are not doing enough.  Not giving away enough. Oh please.

Last time I checked, I still have SOME say to where my money goes.  Or at least I should.  Paul Dewar and his NDPers think we should give, give, give til it hurts.

Dewar, is the quintessential socialist.  Loves to be philanthropic, but with other people’s money.  Last time I’m checked philanthropy is about giving away what YOU own, not what other people own.

I know all Parties are guilty of this – Handing over cash, OUR cash to other nations on the planet.   I don’t suppose that I would have as much of a problem with a bit of our money leaving the country, if a good majority of it actually got to the people it was truly designed to help.  But it doesn’t.

Much like how we are finding out about some of the misappropriation of funds with some of the bands of First Nations, – in other countries the politically connected people at the top of the food chain take a huge hunk of the aid for themselves and the tiny bit left does little to help those who live in dismal conditions.

At “home”, one need only have to look into old age homes and long term care facilities to see where our “aid” money should be spent.  Talk to the families that have to take care of an elderly dementia patient, who other than the loss of memory function, is still quite healthy.  Some dementia patients can live for years, and so many caregiver’s lives become a carousel of day after day visits to help wash, clean, feed and tend to their loved one.  The unfortunate ones without family, or those whose family just simply couldn’t be bothered are left to sit in front of an old television set, with day old drool dried on their chin.  Where is the REAL tangible help for those people who become full time caregivers?  Where is the quality care for those people who don’t have family to chip in or make the commitment to visit their loved one?  And don’t even get me started on the elder abuse that goes on “behind closed doors” in some of those places!

Another place Mr Dewar and his ilk might want to turn his attention to, are some of the homeless shelters.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that many of the people there are in desperate need of mental health facility care.  The “Homeless” industry is big business.  Actual care though, not so much.

Ask anyone who has tried to maneuver through the system to access to mental health professionals, addiction recovery facilities or youth crisis centres for themselves or for their loved one.  We in Canada talk a good game about “cradle to grave” social programs, but in reality, our elderly are living in squalor, our sick and in need of help are often set on the rotisserie of inadequate services manned by inadequately numbered staff.  What started out as a good idea by way of social programs have become nothing more than self-perpetuating bureaucracies who have bloated administration and do little by way of providing the help dictated in their original mandates.

Then there are the aged Veterans and those suffering from mental health issues and PTSD.  Take a walk through the Perley Hospital, Mr Dewar.  A local radio station had to do a telethon to get money in order to get the place air conditioning.  Go talk to some of the local Legions who each year do Christmas drives in order to provide simple things like socks, hand lotion, boxes of tissues that don’t feel like sandpaper and other personal care sundries to those who barely have enough left at the end of the month to buy themselves a six pack of soda.  This dirty little secret is one that all political parties share in complicity.

The simple truth is we do not provide enough for our own, it is ludicrous that we should be told then, to provide for others.  Particularly at the cost of our own.

So sorry CBC, and sorry NDP.  Our money should stay at home.  There are hundreds of other equally deserving and necessary expenditures that need our attention here, first.

(Note: as always, you are welcomed to share the meme, but please do not alter.  Thanks.)


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