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Trudeau and Wynne’s Chumminess Is Not Good For Canada

February 5, 2015 |

laughed and laughedI don’t know about you, but I think every Canadian should be worried about Justin Trudeau’s chummy alliance with Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne.

We are well aware that Ms. Wynne likes to be in complete control and so it leaves the question as to who is going to be driving the agenda between the 2 people.   There is talk about carbon taxes, climate change initiatives and the like but it seems to be coming out of Ms. Wynne’s mouth, more so than the boy who wants to be Prime Minister.

One would think that anyone vying for the Prime Minister job would want to appear to be leader like.  Yet, time after time, Justin looks like Wynne’s cheer leader instead of Prime Minister material.

Considering the abdominal mess that Ontario is in, and Ms. Wynne’s hand in that mess. – one would think that Trudeau would have the political savvy to keep Ms. Wynne at arms length.  I guess he figures that since Ontario voted her in, he’ll get her votes by being in her shadow.

He’s willingly allowing Ms. Wynne to speak for him and the whole thing just seems particularly odd.  Perhaps the puppet masters figure that as long as Wynne is talking, Justin can’t put his foot in his mouth.  Who knows.

Never the less, Kathleen Wynne’s government is a fiscal disaster and puts the financial health of the whole country in jeopardy.  Would Justin be able to tell her to get her fiscal house in order?  I somehow doubt it.

One bright light for Canada is the honeymoon period is starting to turn on Wynne and her government.   Hopefully the media will start tying Trudeau to some of the bad ideas that Wynne has put forth.  It would also be nice for the main stream media to remind voters that Ms. Wynne and Mr. Trudeau were photographed in the company of Ben Levin, who will be pleading guilty to child pornography charges in March.

There is a lot of reasons for Trudeau not to be elected as Prime Minister of Canada.  The reasons mentioned above are more to add to the list.


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