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Vancouver Bans Door Knobs

November 21, 2013 |

doorknob_creativecommonsIdiots.  Plain Idiots.  Vancouver has made a building code amendment – All new construction shall have lever handles instead of door knobs, making it easier to open and close.  This shall apply to new home PRIVATE construction for privately occupied homes.  All newly built privately occupied homes, no less.

Not only is the lowly round door knob on the chopping block, but so are twisty faucets.  Instead builders will be required to put lever handles on faucets, as well as raising the height of electrical outlets in order to be accessible to all, who may, might, or could have some sort of disability.  One must accommodate for every possible potential need that MIGHT occur forever more.  Personal preference and personal ownership of property be damned.

There are not enough swear words to express where this nanny state idea should be shoved.  Idiots. Plain do-gooder, busy body idiots with way too much time on their hands.

So while site injection junkies have made East Vancouver a no go zone, doing an illegal activity with the aid of those same do-gooders, all the while driving the prices and equity of law abiding citizens and home owners into the toilet.   The city thinks it’s mandate is to overreach into the rest of Vancouver’s homes, bathrooms, showers and closet doors of the individual in order to be progressive and all encompassing inclusive. No round door knobs for you!  You shall design your home in the way WE, the know it alls, see fit.

This activist city council has decided it is entitled to socially engineer every aspect of a person’s lives.  As always, these kind of ideas and implementations have unintended consequences.  I can see this lever policy being a nightmare for any parent with a toddler.  And that’s just for starters.  Perhaps the big brains and nanny state should deal with the bed bugs and glaring deficiencies within their own city owned buildings and social housing units.

City councils everywhere should tend to their own knitting before foisting their moronic lofty ideas on the rest of us.  I wonder how long it will be before some like minded idiot wants to ban the “inaccessible” staircase and force all of us to put escalators in our two level condos.


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